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  • 中国万达油矿电缆有限公司

    发布时间:2019-02-23 16:49:29

    Wanda oil and cable company is owned by wanda cable co., LTD, is a specialized company for research, development, manufacture and technical service of submersible pump cables,is the largest submersible cable and oil well special cable manufacturing company with leading technology and technology in China.It is national key and major enterprise of wire and cable industry  ,national contract and trustworthy enterprises, AAA super credit enterprise,national key high-tech enterprise and national customer satisfaction enterprise.The main products include six temperature levels( 90℃,120℃,150℃,180℃, 204℃, 232℃),two voltage levels (rated voltage 3KV and 6kV),the conductor specifications from 1#-7# full range of submersible pump round, flat power cable and cable,and all kinds of submersible pump cable(flat and round), submersible pump lead cable.




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